Happenstance doesn’t happen on purpose, meaning it was never wanted, and so at best unneeded and at worst unwelcome, and so it could merely be superfluous or it could be met with hostility, and treated as an enemy — a malevolent thing, and these things arise from intense and often vicious ill will, suggesting happenstance may not be pure coincidence — at least at its very worst — or the result of two things happening at random and simultaneously, so happenstance could happen (maybe) in a not-so haphazard way, and not solely a matter of chance.

Though chances are, a sentence purporting to find meaning through textbook definitions itself is not of use in the examination of happenstance, and if examined would plead ignorance — admitting to a dearth of knowledge, but seemingly seeking education, since this matter began with curiosity regarding the definition of “happenstance,” which led here, one could say but must admit each reads this in a different place and time.

But happenstance hasn’t led us there either, since we’d have to be pondering matters, respects and relations in any way but this one, all of them preferable, though it depends how one likes one’s nonsense which is a strange thing to enjoy because nonsense has no meaning or value, and oddly enough the former is to be conveyed especially in language, though it can be agreed this exercise is of relative worth, utility, or importance…

Unless one wanted to put into action a preoccupation with odd words and definition-digging… perhaps because  such things engage one’s attention to a disturbing extent, both qualitatively and quantitatively, though the preoccupied person isn’t personally disrupted by behavior which still continues, and so perhaps feels self-conscious though that’s a given since one’s acts are known to originate from oneself unless metaphysics gets in the way by forcing the conclusion that objective reality isn’t real and nothing is objective, that all is interpretation of happenstance.