America! If Only You Were As Smart As You Are Pretty…

PROBLEM: Not enough demand  to cause companies to hire people so production can meet this currently nonexistent demand.

PROBLEM: In a capitalist system, profits will be sought through acquisition, etc. Employment will never increase. The government is concerned about unemployment. Our system of subsidized capitalism is not. The markets… Wall Street is the proximal cause of this goddamned recession.

Obama’s dumbest move: Bailing out the psychotic finance industry, which is where the elite meet to collude and truly “play the market.” Everyone else is gambling.

Sorry: Wall Street created a bomb that eventually blew it up. And took  a quarter of the country with it. And cost people not just jobs, but where they lived!

And so the government buys the finance industry. Had it stopped there, my god it would have been fantastic.

But no. The terrorists were patched up, their surplus bombs returned, and told: Sorry you failed, you den of fucking psychotic criminals!

And what have we learned? Obviously, that CDS’s can continue without regulation! …I mean, how many times could they kill capitalism?

The victims were spit on and left where they fell.

Same place they are today.



Republicans — Hey! I need the idiots to pay special attention.

Capitalism has no way to create demand in its current state. This necessitates that the government manufacture demand. Enough demand that enough people are hired, who then spend and further increase demand, increasing hiring so production keeps up.

If that isn’t fucking self-evident…

The Gods Must Be Crazy or sadistic to even think about paying down the fucking debt right now! It is the polar opposite of the right thing!

EVERY recession, every depression: crawling out meant creating demand for the sake of causing an increase in production and then — it can’t be clearer than the above.

Right now I could swear there may be only a handful of intelligent people tuned in to the fact the government and media are running on complete bullshit.

There is no fucking debt crisis. Why? Congress can solve it by raising the goddam debt ceiling. There is no fucking cause to reduce any funding of anything!

And the only thing in Congress’s way is the GOP!

Suppose I tell you: I’ll kill myself if I miss this appointment, leave, return and eventually tell you I missed it. You won’t be surprised that I yet live. I was being dramatic. I missed a goal I set and chose not to punish myself.

Heads need to start popping out of asses fucking now! We’re about to shoot ourselves in the foot because we double-dog-dared OURSELVES to do it!

Will the nation that reelected Bush II stop buying the deadline drama shit? Is the media a source of facts or the place to follow along with a political drama, already in progress?

How long can Portland remain safe from America?

This is my final bellyache on this…

No alarms and no surprises, please.


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