Fact That Time Forgot: Government, for Lack of a Better Word, Is Good

This is an absolute must-read.

NYTimes Editorial.

First thought: The government helps the vast majority of citizens far more than it “hurts” them with taxes. …Red States? I mean you fuckers, specifically. Newsweek published a piece I read seven or eight years ago, and guess what? Anti-government, or at least pro-GOP, states receive more funding from the federal government than they return in taxes and the like.

What do I mean? I mean that the bitches who complain the loudest about government walking all over them are walking all over the government. I mean Red-Staters are fucking hypocrites. I mean the people who make up their populations must be the kind of assholes who thank you for dinner by gut-punching your girlfriend then suing you for kicking them out.

That, and the fact that the stat-list adds up to a massive increase in crime.

Increasing the number of untreated mentally ill people, reducing education (of anyone in any way), increasing homelessness, poverty, unemployment — this is exactly the best way to increase crimes of all types, from vandalism to murder.

…Which begs the question: Why does the GOP want this?

Well… If I were blogging from the far-left in the style of the far-right, I’d state, unequivocally, that it’s because the Republicans want an excuse to create a police state. A police state like the one… I dunno… Nazi Germany enjoyed.

The GOP would use the wave of mutilation — er, crime — to scapegoat pretty much the same people, too. Finally, they’d send everyone with a working knowledge of the Spanish language back to Mexico, no matter where they were born. Mel Gibson would be their Leni Riefenstahl. The country would be declared a Protestant nation, and Catholics, atheists and others walled off in Utah with the Mormons (you too, Romney). All African Americans would, at last, be corralled into prisons, while LGBT people would be sent to Christian re-education camps (they work!).

The Free Market would be free to market, meaning child labor, orgiastic pollution, the return of rivers that fucking catch fire*, and so on.

…Huh. I kinda get the appeal of Nazi-ing people I disagree with. For one, I can write a lot more bullshit a lot faster. Second, it’s fun, funny at times, and laughable. Third, it’s the lazy-ass way out.

BUT NO! The important thing to know is that the GOP wants to grab America by the hair and beat it to death its its goddam bare hands. These fuckers are so vile that the best way to demonize them is, like the Times, to tell the truth about them.

*When I first learned the Cuyahoga River (I think it was…) caught fire in the 1970s (I think it was…), it astounded me. –A river. On fire. A waterway burst into flames! …I still am able to just barely believe it happened. …And not just to that one, either.