BREAKING NEWS, 2008! Love & Hate Activate the Brain Almost Identically

…Which is what I learned when Google-hopping across the interwebosphere just now. That is, that 2008 featured an explosion in scientific and other articles published regarding the fact that fMRI images of a person’s brain taken when a person looked at a picture of someone they loved or hated resulted in incredibly similar pictures. The same two brain structures with weird-ass names are activated by feelings of hatred, and by feeling of romantic love.

BUT! There is a glaring difference between minds on hate, and minds on romantic love: “With love large parts of the cerebral cortex associated with judgment and reasoning become de-activated, with hate only a small zone, located in the frontal cortex, becomes de-activated.”  (FuturePundit; or just Google hate love brain scan)

Yes, I’ve said it before and haven’t tired of hearing myself say it nor wearied of writing it: People are able to “fall in love” only because they completely lose touch with reality.

Further, the study/studies seem to suggest that love is irrational (which it does because it is, see all data on topic ever), but hatred is rational. Which is why you hate your ex-significant others… After you’ve had enough time without them you’re able to think of them and your relationship without the love-lobotomy, and a former lover finally becomes a human. And you wonder why — in fact, how — you spent a year on-and-off with a person you had nothing in common with, at all. And/or realize you totally used them solely as a means of fucking with your previous ex. And/or realize it was almost all about the sex, which failed relationships always are, and why they remain a worldwide favorite.

THE BIG THING! Hating someone makes sense. Loving someone does not make sense.

Merry fucking christmas.

PS: My gods I became so caught up in self-congratulations that I was going to post witho0ut mentioning the second-most-interesting thing 2008 taught us: Specific brain structures are activated to a degree that directly corresponds to a person’s reported feelings of hate.

Which means if we cut the Gordian Knot (Alexander, you fucking cheated) that is the above, this is what I meant to mean: An fMRI of specific brain structures allows lab techs to identify the degree of hate a person feels. Shown an image of someone you hate a little? Certain brain-parts light up a little. Show me an image of Reagan? These regions look like the Vegas Strip.

(And yes, friends, every goddam thing does, and will, come back to Reagan. Why? Because anything bad that ever happened to anyone ever is in some way his fault. As in don’t be surprised if the fucker murdered Jesus.)

WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY! Brain scans allow lab techs to identify how much a person hates anyone or anything with a remarkable degree of precision using only the information derived from an fMRI.

Also, fMRI can tell when people are lying. Unlike things police call “lie detectors,” which help cops elicit false confessions. How do brain scans know what The Shadow knows? More thought goes into fabrication than fact recall.

However, I’ve made it this far living according to George Costanza’s most fundamental teaching, and would be interested to have my core belief put to the test:

“It’s not a lie if you believe it.”