Republicans Hate Gov’t Debt, But Simply Adore Creating It!

And you’re god damned right: It Began With Reagan.


Wiki anyone?

“The primary effect of the tax changes over the course of Reagan’s term in office was a change in the composition of tax revenue, towards payroll and new investment, and away from higher earners and capital gains on existing investments. Federal revenue share of GDP fell from 19.6% in fiscal 1981 to 17.3% in 1984, before rising back to 18.4% by fiscal year 1989. Personal income tax revenues fell during this period relative to GDP, while payroll tax revenues rose relative to GDP. President Ronald Reagan’s 1981 cut in the top regular tax rate on unearned income reduced the maximum capital gains rate to only 20%—its lowest level since the Hoover administration.”

And the policy of robbing the robbed to pay the overpaid has long-since become official political dogma for both parties.


1) ILLEGALIZE IT! …Or close enough. Taxes on anything to do with Wall Street and stock buying and selling needs to be taxed so much it isn’t worth doing. They created this Pretty-Major Depression. Time for regulations to kick the fuck in already.

…But how will businesses get start-up money and etc? As they always have, begging, borrowing and stealing. Venture capital firms do the rest. Don’t confuse a business raising funds with an IPO. An IPO makes the founders billionaires. The start-up is not so much fun.

…But how will people with cool ideas become billionaires, then? Well… Who gives a fuck?

2) SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE! Make Medicare available to each and every US citizen. This will be our national foray into nationalized health care. Having had good, bad and mediocre private insurance, and now Medicare I can stake my life on this being true: The private sector will not be able to compete. Why? They rip you the fuck off and make billions by running companies with business models expounding upon “Rip Them The Fuck Off!”

3) FUCK BIG PHARMA! With Medicare the only game in town, lower prices. No more generic Aspirin for five dollars at hospitals. And no more gaudy-ass profiteering allowed by Big Pharma. I’m always tickled pissed when I see an ad for a “new” medication, which added a hydrogen molecule to the compound I’ve been swallowing for fifteen years. It’s patent abuse. And the government is a knowing conspirator.


5) BACK TO THE FUTURE! We pay for all the above, the national debt, and what’s left of Europe by reviving the income tax code we had in 1979. But we’ll reduce the number of brackets to keep the EZ form honest.

My America has been a post-Reagan America. If yours has been as well, lay down before looking at the following. With all politics being All Right All the Time, there’s no way to prepare yourself. Fainting at least and brain explosion at worst may result from viewing a rational tax code that can do a shit-ton for Americans because Americans can’t do the above things better themselves:

It’s right behind this link, and good god I’m not responsible for what happens next.

SUCCINCT! I’m ending it here because it’s sixty degrees, I’ve things, and when one lobs a bomb one outta run.

I may explain myself later. Probably not.