Land of the Free, or You Have the Right to Shut Up

Today I received mail to do with a card I use to make purchases. The interesting things I’ve learned are the following:

A company can share the personal info it has re you “for everyday business purposes.” You cannot prevent this. In fact, you have no legal right to limit this practice.

Your info is used for the company’s marketing purposes. This allows them to target you better. When offering you products and/or so-called services (“service” has its root in “to serve,” which has its genesis in the behavior of a slave toward his/her master. And so I find anything one pays too much for — one always does in capitalism, which exists to produce excess capital, meaning no things costs what it is worth, meaning our economic system is immoral, meaning Jesus, especially, would abhor capitalism and likely sent Reagan to a circle deep in Hell for using capitalism to destabilize Russia. WWIII was the Cold War. The battles were mostly by proxy, with one or the other country financing the enemy of his enemy, which is how we gave Afghan assholes a lot of guns and a lot of money and, being assholes, they became known as the Taliban — which means “afraid of women” in Arabic — and these assholes formed al Qaeda and killed Americans, and along the way Reagan bankrolled a machine made of thousands of people — a machine that systematically killed men and raped women in Nicaragua — because this monstrosity that is mob behavior, in which the powerful — rich and/or strong and/or possessed of the will to do what others won’t — determine the behavior of the group, which obeys because the powerful would otherwise harm them and tells itself that the behavior is not evil because it will not think of itself as evil and so hacking people to death with machetes and raping every woman and girl in every town is what had to be done to prevent the rebels from winning, to prevent the overthrow of a dictator by the majority, which needed to be denied life, liberty, etc etc etc to prevent a communist from taking power in this country. The enemy of our enemy was the Mujahideen, many of whom became Taliban fucking swine, of whom a lot formed al Qaeda, which just wants things to be like they used to be and how does the GOP not understand terrorists when they’re the fucking Tea Party enforcing what they would legislate: Dissolving the federal government, holding companies to no rules nor regulations nor laws which granted won’t be much of a change, the repeal of all federal laws — which makes these guys seem like hippies who dream of anarchy, which inevitably becomes a dictatorship of and by the person willing to do what it took to become the dictator because you conservative fucking idiot-bastards when each person protects what is theirs the people who have nothing come to get you and if you gave a shit about minorities, the poor, the kind of people Jesus associated with exclusively, you’d realize this country owes a debt far worse than a monetary imabalance. America owes black people and LBGTetc people and Hispanic people and poor people all it has taken from them to provide for the largess of few and Tea Party we know you’ve got guns and a ton of them, but so will everyone and if you don’t get killed and/or raped you’ll become a killer and a rapist and you’ll follow a brutal psychotic into autocracy to be saved from the chaos your stupid, irrational piece of fucking shit just check human history and see how it works) everything you’ve bought with the card will be taken into account. Which is why I ought to be getting coupons for extra-large condoms already (ha ha)! It is not legal for you to limit this practice.

The biz can use all they know from your dealings with them, as well as all the info from all the other companies circulated about, “for joint marketing with other financial companies.” And face it: You haven’t saved enough for retirement anyway. Which is good, because you’ll be fine with the illegality of limiting the bahavior.

“Information about your transactions and experiences” is given to “affiliates [for] everyday business purposes.” Meaning they can say whatever they want to whomever they want and say it about you and your hentai obsession. (Japan is fucked the fuck up re sex. In Japan, one cannot pay for vaginal or anal intercourse, but can pay for anything that is not. And so this noble archipelago has popularized “paizuri,” which you can google at work with your boss, the foot-job — which… What the fuck? — and I still have not tracked down why rape fantasy is so goddamned huge there when rape is the only crime a person should be killed for because a person with the pathology necessary to do this thing cannot change and is not sorry and will do it again and so since the thing is so detestable and sick, and because the person will always return to it, these people are the ones you paralyze and inject with drugs that cause most people to die in a state of incredible torment that is OK since it doesn’t look torment-y on camera. A kid who kills his parent after almost two decades of abuse, ironically, proves himself harmless. In this situation a person with the genetic ability to develop psychopathy does. Most others kill themselves. Some others kill people as part of reenacting a particular trauma they suffered or feared most. In this situation the kid killed someone who needed killing and, if he hasn’t murdered innocents by the time he’s arrested for the first, is done. If a person kills the monster in their house and is not a danger to people, he has served himself and humankind generally. Also, rapists must be guilty with absolute certainty before his victims are given the choice of vengeance, which is therapeutic in the way victims and families etc expect the state’s murder to be. Oh and black people and Hispanic people, to a lesser degree, though still and of course an unjust one, are sentenced to be murdered far more often than whites for the same crimes. And state governments that carry out executions do so knowing with certainty that an innocent person will be killed. Which makes every state in the union guilty of homicide. Which is right and proper if one has a proper understanding of politics and political bodies: The head of state — the state itself, lessay to account for everyone — does immoral, illegal, wrong, unforgivable (I think, but am in the minority in simply thinking of every president as a killer by virtue of having lots of people killed and causing lots of deaths) things in order to maintain a moral, lawful, righteous, innocent populace. Machiavelli is the only political writer one must read. He was not a political philosopher so much as a reporter of statecraft who wrote about the pigs being killed in droves and hacked apart and ground into almost a paste which is used to fill some animal’s intestines etc etc. The man observed five “princes,” to use consistent terminology, and found the most ruthless man to be the most effective. Moreover, he discovered that ruling successfully depended on immorality — that the degree of success correlated to the degree of the prince’s depravity. And for fuck’s sake, consider any leader of any fucking nation and say that it is not so to this day.

This company will discuss everything about me except for “information about my creditworthiness.” How sweet.

And they sell your info to anyone (“non-affiliates”) who wants it. You can limit this sharing by calling a number and asking and that’s not legally binding so guess what?

When the relationship between you and the company is severed, the company may continue to use your info in the above ways forever and ever.


Serenity is in one’s character. Anger is provoked. And so I’m the most enlightened asshole you can read. With my compliments.

–dbmllc, inc., all rights foreign and etc