If You Learn Just One Thing…

The initial translator of the story of Pandora was incompetent and caused every person on earth to think Pandora’s curiosity unwittingly released all the evils of the world from a box.

Secrets and lies, friends. It’s always secrets and lies.

Pandora was portrayed in art of the time, and always portayed as in possession of the container Zeus the asshole gave her.

AND IT IS A JAR. PANDORA’S JAR. That is, Pandora possessed a JAR of the sort Romans used for storage — as we do boxes — but the people of this time were ignorant of corrugation. Romans devised concrete that set underwater, a thing that had to be invented again later in human history because the secret of it was lost to history. But they did NOT have BOXES!

Pandora’s mythology can be contemplated continually, and is…

Let me just say a bit on it.

All the evils of the world escaped the container the moment the seal broke, leaving only Hope behind.

Ergo, if the evils’ release made them manifest, is Hope, then, impossible? Folly, at best? Is it vanity and chasing after wind? Did the release of all evils leave humankind without hope, and is all hope we muster a cosmic joke on us that sets us up for more abuse every time, increasing the pain of it (if you feel that kinda thing) because we never let ourselves see it coming?

If humans are fated to do evil always and forever (which we are, considering the macro view), we ought to be hopeless.

Or maybe Zeus ensured shitty things would befall humans continually, and hope lets us believe good thing are yet ahead, which is when the anvil drops on our heads. And hope springs eternal, meaning Zeus — in this view — pulled his ultimate feat of assholery wen he perversely used an innocent, young girl as the delivery system.

Poor Pandora…

But think only about this: SHE HAD A JAR! A clay JAR!

Why do I care so much about this detail? Because details matter. Facts matter. Having a realistic conception of reality matters.

To me…

….Why so serious?

dbm, a limited liability corporate entity person, for her pleasure

PS: Asperger’s. What “Asps” is short for because “Aspie” is an infantilization. Also, when debated I do not stop when yielded to, but show a person all the pieces of their crayon-drawing picture of themselves.

Think you’re not among the hoi nor polloi? Wiki “logical fallacies.” …You’re genetically programmed to be wrong and selfish and above all the protector of your eggshell ego — doublethink is amateurish for persons so assiduously preventing cognitive dissonance from overtaking a mind that considers it virtuous to believe what cannot be proved, and etc etc…

People make me tired.

The above is not vanity but an asshole’s way of telling truths that… Read Ecclesiastes. (And if you won’t because you’re an atheist, this atheist thinks you should shut up and just go to mass with the fam without the goddam drama.)

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