You stupid, stupid bastards!

Republicans frustrated voters by shutting down Congress, voters elect Republicans to solve the problem they caused and are.

BTW, THE central tenet of conservativism is the Fundamental Attribution Error. Also, the GOP has ended the American Promise that each generation will be better off than the previous. This was done through laws redistributing capital from 80%ish Americans for the benefit of 20%ish, most especially the .1% that has more money than the 80ish. …Yeah all of us.

Is your common sense calling bullshit? Idiot, common sense is always wrong. Psych 101. Its Google. Research. Ask your phone why Values Voters support taking from the least and giving to the rich, expressly and vehemently condemned by the Jesus Christians (esp Protestants with the sola vide hubris and Paulist worship) understand worse than politics.

Jesus, America. I’m done. Fuck all of you and stay the fuck away from my fucking town. Fuck.


Insert quote re people getting the govt they deserve or something.

Call idiots fucking idiots.