Watch “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutralit…” on YouTube

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutralit…:

And crash it again and again and watch John Oliver and do everything he may suggest because the man just made the legal and usual collusion and racketeering that is the service brought to us by LobbyGov funny as all bejebus.

Go! Do! I have an XBox One!

dbmllc, a dispassionately wrarthful corporate people person

PS: Wanna make the argument about “the other side just needs to lobby [which fucking means fucking “bribe” fercrissakes] as hard,” make the argument to me because I don’t care about people as people unless I know them personally. I will never know how Normals think or etc etc… Your memories change over time. My visual memory for facts is exact. Just so with everyone I’ve ever met (which is why I avoid eye contact with many persons because I don’t want many more joining the thousand or whatever already in my head forever… You will argue that a thing did happen, knowing what I know and that I know. You get angry and cry. I get angry and ruin [empathy gap…] everything with rationality… You complain. You feel guilt, remorse, you are so sorry, etc because you think but for one thing undone an alternate reality could exist when… My god all your thoughts waste your time… I don’t know what it’s like to the above because all I do is well thought out and yes I mean I am always planning ahead every moment of my life and when a person responds to anything I’ve said it’s a response I’ve planned for because this shit is how a genius with Asperger’s passes for normal for 20 years and it’s a habit that makes you so very…

I want the best for the most. People. All of them after we pandemic-out a few billion until life on the stormy bipolar islands climate change aka CorpGov Worldwide ruining the planet, enjoying tax breaks all the while, and now fuck you make poor people pay…

The betterment of humankind is a worthy goal. I kinda think it needs betterment and then to be better than that.

But why not give whatever the ol’ college thing, eh?

Good night and good luck (final words of the last journalist in the US).

dbmllc, because maybe you forgot what you just read speaking of which how can you pretend to know anything when you can’t see and reread whatever you cite as fact that is your truth is lies I tell you it’s always secrets and lies!

And this smart guy fails to write pretty this day and certain times of others because I become cognizant of the words as I type them that is you could argue punctuation errors but you’d be wrong (it’s obvious I know what’s missing and that it’s missing because it’s withheld) that is I think thoughts in perfect English my God I almost never wonder how it must be living inside such a fragile eggshell mind that has fantasy and prefers fantasy to simple tangible reality andor proven fact and if I knew how to be afraid I’d be scared because you things are teetering atop a great wall (which cannot be seen fom space nothing can not from orbit not with the human eye) and it would be awful to break some Humpty’s great fall…


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