in an interstellar blast i’m back to save the universe

…And wish WP had saved the draft of the post I’d saved the draft of instead of, now, a bit chafed with it all and announcing my return from posting on a single place to spoking from a hub.

I’m gonna be writing about wacky, wild stuff. In a way only possible with my self-broken mind (cbt/meditation/self-hypnosis/that’s a poor way to conceptualize a seven-year never-ending — working subconsciously during sleep, even…

Turns out I Inception-ed myself. I replaced one overriding continuous thought (ow — constant agony — with the pain is not real). And now I’m much the better.

But I have healed vexatiously those broken places. …I remade my mind and did and do and will do things that have not been done cannot be believed should not be either.

…But did.

I went insane (which is a phrase that means almost nothing — specifically I had bouts of dissociative disorder, major depressive disorder duration right months — less fun name for nervous breakdown — a doctor who helped me into an oxy intake of equine proportions — it was awful but necessary — chimpanzee acne and of course moosebumps…

But now am sane. And have masked chronic pain using my will and my will to ha e nearly died on the road to a life one could consider living.

Such abilities and my methodology earned me recognition as a ghost Buddha. I’m an atheist who has since 17 followed the simple (and noble, even) teachings of Siddhartha, not an idiot deifying him nor anyone -thing.

I’m just a person which a unified conscious and subconscious with…