and now i post a comment made elsewhere, by me, in re the trouble with egotism

And will lecture whoever deigns to read my self-service pablum about Narcissism soon enough, surely. …Buncha jerks need some Ecclesiastes before your heads burst…

Now to give myself the introduction given the devastatingly astute, perceptive author of this book is given:

“Said The Master:

One ought to know better than to begin anything with “amen,” as it signifies that one is done speaking. “Hallelelujah” is an invitation to express agreement or otherwise join in. And no one knows what “Selah,” used throughout Psalms, truly was for, but the odds-on favorite are a musical interlude — likely a ripping solo to send the folks home with something not soon forgotten. But it cannot be said with certainty.

But I swear no Christian knows why “Amen” is always just what it could only be: “Thanks, I’m out, peace.”

And there isn’t a non-Jew with a clue that Psalms is a songbook.

Which leads us into my larger point: You’re wrong re the parable.

Jesus sang a new song. He was not a wailing, cursing Jeremiah, et al as prophets of the past. He prophesied the end of the world — to Jesus. a zealous Jew, of course he spoke of the Roman Holocaust brought to bear perhaps 20 years after his torturous murder and torture and murder at the hands of the Romans he warned of.

And indeed, in 72 the Temple was leveled, the Holy of Holies razed, the Ark of the Covenant destroyed, YHWH (I AM WHAT IS) aka God’s Home On Earth demolished. And Israel and Judea were so thoroughly cleansed with the blood of slaughtered Jews — just Google Masada to see what the Romans spent two years and tens of thousands of man-hours doing to try to kill a mere 1,000 Jews.

I digress. Jesus was not an angry person. His anger is expressed twice in the testaments of those who knew him: He yells three times the rich will get into heaven as easily as a camel through… know this one? And he beats the crap out of capitalists making a mall of his Father’s House — perhaps especially galled, knowing as he did it was only slightly longer for the earth than he was personally.

Jesus died because the Perfect Person is abhorrent to humanity, which is rather vile all told, points tallied.

And just because this is long enough: Jesus cared about who? What people? The poor. The disenfranchised. The parable is Jesus affirming his ever-more-radical-seeming support for the least and his (to be charitable) contempt for the rich. To be rich one must (he reasons in this manner time and again) care for wealth a great deal. And so a rich man going home from temple he pegs as a hypocrite — a person who puts his holy on for show and for praise of fellow men (which rather disgusts him and leads him to tell his followers, if they truly care for God and not their egos and images among the community, STAY OUT OF CHURCHES and pray in your closet, candle out, door shut.

This is not what Christians do. For so few know much of one thing about Jesus the one called Christ.

A Bible is better in a linguist’s hands (ahem) than anyone thinking themself to be pious or to state a parable to mean unequivocally one thing, which is to say one knows the mind of one’s god, which necessitates one who can think as one’s god, which is blasphemy of blasphemies.

Eighteen years spending Sunday pondering the Catholic Mass didn’t give me a bad footing either, whatever I believe now (and I make no claim of anything, but let my words fall according to their own import, and will say only that knowing Jesus isn’t easily done through the heretic Paul (without whose aid St Stephen almost surely would have died ignominiously, but the Greek Taxman had an arm on him)…

Jesus said something akin to woe to him that hears yet does not understand.

Let us understand.

(Instead of bursting with ad hominems for “the atheist” — when I tell you take me at my word(s). They are all you know of me, and all you can know of Jesus. If you apply yourself with the spirit, the disposition, the Man of all men would himself.

Amen. I expect no rejoinder to an hallelujah.

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