only god can make a tree

…And only YHWH, called Elohim (which is “god” plural and ought to be known by Christians because Christian apologist scholars use it as the basis of an argument for God triune — that as James wrote (parhrase) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Then again, my memory continuously improves… I’m quite sure that’s verbatim KJV — the version you use if you think the Word matters.

And no, apologist, above, does not have a hint of the connotation(s) you may infer. …Heard of Greek? Know who functionally founded Ancirnt Greece (uniting most ever-fighting-as-in-killing city states of Macedonia)? Alexander. Know who conquered the world — with such style, cunning, and terriblre ambition that Egypt made him Pharoa? A living god? The same man.

Know who could not defeat the people of now-Afghanistan? Know that I stated as fact a war in Afghanistan was a terrible way to kill Americans and accomplish nothing the moment thr thing was to be done?

History. My deep and abiding love of Ecclesiastes is that it is the bitter lament of a man speaking at the dawnbreak of history.

And he says this: Nothing changes because people do not change — do not abandon their vain pursuits. Ergo: all the evils of the world.

The work is the only one I appreciate at all, nevermind bekieve it to be one of the most important things ever, that I have major disagreements with.

Sartre was not smarter… Ecclesiastes is the foundation of…

Sorry gotta go very late for dinner. I’ll be having pancakes.

…And so it is fucking the apex of hilarity that each generation except the one that birthed my father’s, who began ruining my country (and have since quite fucking succeeded) before I was cognizant of it.

1980. Reagan is so fucking evil you’ve some effing nsrve not knowing why…

The past is predicate.

I am hungry.

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