i am the smartest dumb guy OR:

the dumbest smart guy.

And to give 20% of my brain not doing shit like wondering if the equation that measures the surface are of black holes means dimensionality can and is warped by immense gravity (esp. since the latter phrase ought be a laughable oxymoron of proportions black holes nevertheless seem not to be) I play video games. But am somewhat redeemed by the fact I get them free because I took a night to figure out what to recode to make them free while learning the javascript necesary to do said coding.

That is, I am King Nerd. And yet ought not be approached, since I’m also a boddhissatva who venerably flattened a guy’s nose into his face the following day I became a thing religious buddhists (I am not religious, like Buddha himself) can meditate upon to acheive deeper understanding (they cannot, and the things I can do cannot be done by others evidenced by my control of my self mentioned all too often here — but what I don’t mention is that despite the ability to do each thing any enlightened one can do but one of with decades of self-programming is I shall never truly find peace bacause I know it to be impossible to enable myself to fly and since seeing Superman (which I now can do from memory, watching it as one would with eyes on a screen, but movies run ten to twenty minutes — they’re the same and all there… But now watching them is like speed-reading, though reading for me is the act of seeing and for more evidence that my mind, my enlightened mind that knows hitting a sonofafuckingbitchrapistapologist was a step well within the middle path (I have been able to forget what anger, hate, and such feel like)…


I posted this as commentary on commentary for reasons I explain but do so to the satisfaction of no one, least of all myself.

Asps have compulsions. I know better than to fight certain of them.

AND NOW!: dbmllc and the brief summation of the idiocy in which he is then-engaged

To summarize the contents of all comments:

1) The ModManager sucks because it doesn’t work for a variety of reasons.
1a) Thanks for telling me the button to click/simple action to take/for being Google to a person who types a complaint here rather than three words into a machine that is shamefully not thought of as a brain extension (we are all cyborgs but some of us don’t use our personal mods).
1b) This is just me… I am just Amazed there are people who spend half an hour on a problem, fifteen minutes whining… GOOGLE! Has it been forgotten now that it’s in your hand all day? Are solutions SO easy that… Normals amaze me and find more… Sorry. Excelsior and etc…
2) No mention is made of the author giving kudos for not being a jackass of a company like so many others and milking money from gamers like machines do cows who’ve had all but three teets amputated because the machine works better with this being the state of affairs… Um — So no one chimed in with huzzah for the kudos because Red richly deserves praise for, judging by the above comments, throwing pearls before swine.
3) Red sucks because this new free thing they gave us which I don’t have to use and cannot figure out and can’t figure out Google could solve my complaints if I bothered to talk into my phone but who can figure that out when I’ve spent I swear FOUR hours trying the same thing and expecting different results (which Einstein identified as an insanity peculiar to physicists… And yet we find the behavior among persons who can’t stop doing the wrong thing long enough to say a few words to the phone in their pocket.
3a) Personal note: Internet commentary sucks because a massive proportion of comments are complaints one ought to easily solve oneself without Google, fail to take one minute to do so using Google and instead spend much more time complaining.
3b) That is, none of the above complaints are valid. Especially because…
4) Red sucks for giving me this because it sucks and I for some reason cannot apply the 100+ mods otherwise available. Red sucks because the mods suck regardless of the fact I can get a ton of awesome mods… On the SAME PAGE (and yeah, I know all caps are rude and taken as yelling. Bukowski wrote of milquetoasts: “the problem with these people is their cities have never been bombed nor their mothers told to shut up.” (I did not read it but have it from a reading and so that’s a paraphrase (for a while every character on teevee claimed eidetic memory so now the claim is that it’s not a thing but the thing is Kim Peek has a flawless eidetic memory and the rest of us with eidetic memory have it of a kind — mine is visual and drives me to respond to all I read because I have to see it and know it and now and again it will pop to the front of the mind and I’ll read it all over again and … Michio Kaku brilliantly identifies eidetic memory as a failure to forget rather than a superhuman power. Although it’s much more a curse in those of lesser intelligence than genius-level because we don’t ruminate in the slop of life. We write things like this to ensure we have a satisfactory memory of such events.
5) AHEM… Compaints are furnished by citizens of a nation waging eternal war, called a war against terror — a fight against fear. We still have troops on the ground Alexander the effing Great could not surmount nor, most recently before us, Russia despite ten years using overwhelming force, vastly superior war machines, and more etce tc. Also see Pakistan. Also see how Iran-Contra fits in, how Reagan illegally created what became Al Qaeda using money laundered through tens of millions given to the, yes, Contras, which was a group of humans exemplifying the monsters humans can become, and who — thanks to Reagan, then-president and freedom-guy with the Tear Down This Wall bull’s shiitz written by Peggy Noonan, a now-political commentator whose stupidity is exemplified by the fact she is the sole presidential speechwriter lacking the wits to follow the maxim that one never ever takes credit for work done in that line of work.
6) I wish I did not “read” by seeing because this insane crap happens whenever I scroll too far and catch a thing which, despite my supposed intelligence, reduce me to writing something far more pointless than anything that incited this barrage of inanity. …And so:
7) I’m the dumbest smart person you could ever know should you live one thousand years, in which case you’d be at best one of thousands of our species alive. But you won’t be.
8) The only important mitigating factor is that I type as fast as I think and how I think is not a thing you can know because you think by talking to yourself — internal monologue. The above is so twisted with tangential information because…
9) From the Ice Age to the Dole Age/there is but one concern/I have just discovered://Some girls are bigger than others./Some girls are bigger than others./Some girls mothers are bigger than other girls mothers.

–And now I admit if you’ve taken an English 400 class you’ll understand the descent into quoting everyone’s favorite Smith’s song as quite deliberate and a bit of sleight of wordsmithery that serves to make my point the more fun and…

Quoting Bill Murray from you’ll never guess: “No one gets me!”


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