it’s the end of the world as we know it

…and, as you know, I do indeed feel fine indeed.




Why dbmllc (a money-accrual biochemical machine who, as three of those letters suggest, ensures if he ever is held liable for his actions, it will not be fair — not to me nor the plaintiff, but who doesn’t like odds skewed in their favor… except me, really… Anyway, I can be sued, but my standing in court is improved by my person having been madea business entity,and I foresee little to no litigation in my future simply because, as a business (backed by alienandroid unlimited), Libra’s scales clang as low as they go, favoring whatever side of the room I may be on.)

Sorry about parentheticals that close improperly, but I’m really not quite, like how i’m not gonna clean up “parentheticals” — oh shit spelled it right each time. Sorry I’m right.


Evolution is slow, individuals do not change. Unless you’re 100% African (Google this shit, racists, then stop reading me immediately and forever), you’re not an effing LICK more intelligent than your super-great-wicked-sweet-grand-whatevers who, being human, fucked around with Neanderthals while they were here, and giving you from about two to eight percent of genetical codation. Africans are the only “pure race.”

…If race were, y’know, a thing based in science, logic, etc (which it is not since there is more genetic variance among a given race compared to those without it. Meaning skin color may seem like a great reason to shoot certain teenagers if you’re a cop or a Floridian or (ye gods!) a Floridian cop… But you’re shooting someone whose differences (i see it coming and would apologize but it would be disingenuous since I’m going through with it) are literally only skin deep.

Except for the fact institutionalized racism keeps black people poor, in jail, and liable to be shot in the motherfucking back.

Jesus Christ… Fuck the South…


We haven’t learned. We will not do so in time to save ourselves (you’ve shit for a hemispherectomy if you think this crazy-wrong weather is a passing fancy of the gods. And you’re ignorant of easily obtainable facts if you don’t know global climate change has been measured since the 1920s, and the mean temperature of the globe has risen each year but a few in which Republicans showed why death is the only true cure for cancer by trumpeting some motherfucking snowstorm some year (fine it was four years of cooler-than-expected) — when the essential character of global warming — noticed this year, maybe? — is swings — rapid cycling from and to this extreme and t’other but not as bad as a bipolar girl I dated because even I care about some people some of the time and even feel [omitted/ It was rather moving. But I’m not trying to make you care. That’s how we fucking got here — emotion and idiocy triumphing, as they do today (VOTE TRUMP!) over logic and things learned.

And so I just hope you monkeys in clothes don’t kill me while you’re finishing off each other. Because humanity will not go with dignity into that night it waits to confront all too late to have ever been free and happy and unable to stop singing though it cannot sing and maybe it shouldn’t be called that, f’real… Quite bad.

Humans live with themselves by maintaining a frighteningly tenuous sense of self and a very, deeply wrong sense of other people. Example: The Republican Party (I pick on it because theyre evil, moreso than the others which says a shit-tonnage and am not sorry — and have no idea what “sorry” is, to be forthright… As a very-smart Asp, MRIs confirm and dentists agree that, essentially, the stupid emotions were not given a home in my mind. And thank Olympus because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to recall every moment spent with Bipolar Girl during two months of catatonic despair (and I’m a Doctor of fucking Psychology, o I know what I wrote and meant it and the catatonia you’re thinking of accounts for less than ten percent of cases — fuck’s sake Google a word that isn’t fucking “Kardashian” some fucking day.

Also, I exaggerate timelines somewhat accidentally because time has become very strange for me in that remembering the past clearer and clearer, and the present (after two weeks, otherwise I know nothing… NOT weird///) with near-perfection (I efing hate numbers. Haaate!)

And blah that’s enough. I now resume my construction of sandcastles, alone for miles on what is called a beach in Oregon, mere feet from where beach turns to tall, tough grass that is really jabby with its personal space, the sea now sucked into itself, too far for us to see, the sound of like a radio between stations…

When the ocean returns, few are likely to know much if anything about radio because humans do not learn history (which may be moot since we cannot learn from it 00 eg, Alexander of Macedon conquered the world as far as he cared the world was a long time ago. In doing so he was declared a living god by Egypt, where he is buried (I heard something on a TV as I walked by a store — “…the mystery of where Alexander was laid…” It’s not a fucking mystery, it’s history and verifiable through Pliny, Seneca, etc etc.

And “The Lost Ark?” How fucking antisemitic, Spielberg! Sonofabitch makes me wary the first 10 minutes I spend in the ocean whenever I smim in the ocean, but…

Yasee, the Ark of the Covenant, with the Holy of Holies, with the Temple of King Herod, which made the House of God on Earth for the Jews… All these were destroyed in year 72, in what is called The Great Jewish Revolt, which is exactly the thing Jesus and John the Baptizer and others spoke of when they told everyone that everyone was going to die.

Jesus may not have been God, certainly did not die for anyone’s sins since Jews did not believe sin demands a blood price and, in fact, were among the first to not offer human blood to their god in one fashion or another (YHWH really loved the hell out of burning animal guts though… I wonder how modern Jews justify their failure to sacrifice as written in law as somehow within the law…).

Pilate was a tyrant and fanatical murderer of Jews — even for a Roman of his station at this time, so… Yow… Sooooo many Christians so not know the Philistines…

Anyway, Jesus spoke to poor and marginalized Jews for poor and marginalized Jews and if he does come back with a huge sword for a tongue it’ll be unfortunate you hypocrites didn’t read Matthew, specifically the bit in Matthew about the hypocrite which would be easy to identify with and make you see yourself as the hypocrite you are, hypocrite.

Then again, self-awareness is as natural as etc etc…

One percent reaped the wind, yet ninety-nine shall reap the whirlwind. (Hosea is another oddball of a Bible book, in criticizing the ever-loving hell out of the lineage of Joshua and some others you don’t know about…)

I’d recommend reading the Bible, which is fucking awesome and truly has everything, including Nihilism which assholes took credit for three, four, five-ish thousand years later. But the fact half claim to have done so once — half of Christians, who will tell me I’m going to a hell Jesus believed in as much as I did/do etc etc…

Wow has this blog turned into the Normals Suck Hour Featuring Circular Reasoning! Show Brought to you By Lucky Strike Cigarettes! Lucky Strike! It’s Toasted!

“My mind is going… I can feel it…”


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