happiness is a warm gun

A man and a woman move into a house. They create kids who live in the house with them. They have a dog because having a cat as a pet is morbid because a cat  sees you a a food source — the cat most often experiences you as the thing that makes-exist food and water. Should you lose consciousness through death or injury, it’s well-publicized that cats quickly demonstrate they’d choked down the soylent puce food-puck for years only because your face wasn’t immobile and undefended. That is, said family is a dog family because most of the time any given person living in this house has no desire to see any one of the other members having their face snacked on when they come home from the grocery store.

How did the family member get this way — incapacitated, dead or comatose (which is not defined in any meaningful sense from sleep and could apply to a few years of my life thank you chronic fatigue, fuck you bullshit methamphetamine drug scare, fuck you Obama for taking your bullshit drug scare — every president has one — too fucking far and scaring doctors out of prescribing me fucking Ritalin a fucking kiddie medication and fuck everyone who doesn’t fucking know today and for decades before today I could be prescribed fucking methamphetamine itself it’s called Desoxyn and apparently when given to millions of fucking children throughout childhood meth is fucking innocuous.

Remarkable what studies prove — what is factual, what is reality, and remarkable what idiots with power tell idiots without it, and remarkable that journalism once existed and I was at the Post when the last breath left the newsroom forced out with the final salient fact being sent to the printer and ever-after it is empty and cold and afraid… It is America…

A family lives in a house. A gun lives with them.

Because the gun resides with the family, each member of this family is many times more likely to die as a result of being shot, and this gun will have delivered the bullet. Persons who visit this family and this house that contains this gun are also more likely to die or be injured by a gunshot from this gun. Before the children are cognizant of their existance, they are much more likely to die by suicide when teen-aged. Each is more likely to be shot unintentionally. To unintentionally shoot.

And so on.

That is:

A family lives in their home.

The home contains a gun.

Incidence of any/all types of gunshot-caused injury/death is A.

A family lives in a home.

This home does not contain a gun.

Incidence of any/all types of gunshot-caused injury/death is B.

A=BX, where X is a number that sufficiently increases B such that B equals A, where A is etc (sentence end, rest is obvious).

Introduce a gun into a situation, and someone gets shot. If one is a shithead and wants to examine this more closely: fuck off and accept logic.

In any given situation over any given period of time, the presence of a gun means living things in the situation are much more likely to be shot by said gun.

People kill people. About 100 million yearly — on earth there is never a genocide not in progress. (Happy Christmas!)

My question is So fucking what?

People have and always will kill other people. Not enough to lower the population to a number that allows long-term species survival, but dear lord how we do try!

Any situation comparable to any other, one with, one without a gun… A single sole only one variable matters.

Ergo Guns Kill People.

Quod erat demonstrandum.


alienandroid, bombs over baghdad

Addendum: People kill people. Guns kill people. These are not mutually exclusive, but may seem so because a false dichotomy is propagated by everything in this country.

And like all else most of us are told and most of us believe: It is fucking bullshit.

Humans are not grown up enough to play with guns, let alone…

…Why try to explain such things to a nation that un-makes Iraq, lynches its leader in an act of personal revenge repugnant as the murdered man’s own murders, then attacks the kids Reagan armed now that they’re all grown up, and now kills people half the world away and calls casualties acts of terrorism although they said they would kill Americans and we sent Americans back into that goddamned desert in another hemisphere and they said come on in and we’ll kill you and we went in and make Americans get killed and … If I could be terrified I know who to fear. …It’s Catch-22 within 1984…

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution is the amendment the government currently adheres to according to the idiocy demanded by jurisprudence rather than a reading and understanding of the few words it consists of. …As my head explodes, I realize it all makes perfect sense.

And for a moment I learned to stop worrying and love the lunacy…


alienandroid, quantity over quality