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I wrote this in response to the stuff written here:http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Dark-Knight-Fan-Theory-Puts-Joker-Hero-It-Kind-Works-79887.html#discuss

I have the most annoying compulsion to correct everything I know to be wrong except the human condition… But am redeemed by my airborne-snow-pure love of Nolan films and the ability to watch each no fewer than twenty times which is what it takes for me to get what all the facial expressions mean and some other stuff I can’t read so easily as what passes as English, when I can’t help not immediately recognizing 75% of sentences spoken would be gibberish if…

No fuck it: It’s gibberish. Syntax is never correct, verbs rarely of a proper tense, nouns given modifiers when they cannot be modified meaning you’ve got a word salad and to get through the day I must half-convice (see that? “Convince” can’t be modified, and one treats a hyphenated expression as a single word, meaning jesus god that began as a joke and now what is this…)

Never mind the bollocks, it’s my response to the assertion that Joker is an “agent of chaos.” Health Ledger… This and Brokeback… He died just when his feet fit his own shoes…

We begin with a quote from an article that I quickly…

Let’s just do this thing.

“Along comes the Joker and by the end of a very short time, almost all organized crime was eliminated, many corrupt officials were imprisoned or dead, and the city’s Vigilante even went into hiding for 8 years. This was all part of Joker’s masterfully executed plan.”

Before his capture Joker is the sole boss of organized crime in Gotham (“the city belongs to me now”). Who was corrupt? Wertz and Ramirez. One dead. One punched. One judge killed, of wom we only hear a positive comment. The mayor almost assassinated by… the hero. Etc… And then it’s good that the vigilante leaves Gotham to its devices for eight years because… Vigilantism is illegal? (And Joker’s master plan, to prove that all people are fundamentally evil or at least capable of extreme immorality and doing so by demanding “Batman take off his mask,” and incentivizing this by, prior to butchering a man on camera, announcing “every day he doesn’t people will die. I’m a man of my word.” The final sentence negates anything re Joker as protagonist or anything effecting anything good — antithetical to his mission.)

It’s less interesting than… It’s not interesting if you can think about it.

…And now here’s something we hope you’ll really like:

In re some comments:

An agent of chaos… Maybe does not plan for any and all eventualities resulting from his actions, name future victims by staging a murder scene, the victims chosen solely for their names, understand human and systems psych so well he sees five moves ahead in a game the rest are unaware is being played and they are the quarry, deduce the Bruce behind the mask using information from the penthouse break-in (here it must be noted such a person is an obvious genius and Mensa doesn’t meet to chase cars — otherwise I’d consider joining) etc etc etc.

Didja maybe think a person who thoroughly enjoys slowly killing people and who blows up a hospital in which a victim of his own plot recovers after he “blew him halfway to hell” at the instant said plot vaporized the victim’s blushing bride to-be —

Um… You see, a guy like this — listen — a guy like this… MAYBE he has no qualms about … lying. Maybe.

Agent of chaos? His goal is to prove everyone is evil, that all are corruptible, that “people are only as good as the world allows them to be.” (You are.)

Why give credence to these words spoken to Batman — why ever believe such a person? One: because only what he says here fits with any and everything his does. Two: He wants batman — whom the joker and only the joker, save Gordon, knows to be a person acting out of conviction and unshakable morality, and not a vigin to be sacrificed to a monster who cannot take off a mask and cease to be what he is — a monster.

Hit me!

Joker clears the road to sacrifice himself — to let batman choose (killing is a choice…) to kill him The Joker would die a happy man knowing the torment it would cause Batman due to his “sense of self-righteousness.”

Batman cannot kill even to save future joker victims while also getting justice (vengeance by proxy, which is only further trauma to victims but her a psych degree later) for at least five others, these five joker identifying correctly as people Batman felt he in effect killed) for prior victims. It would be the ultimate victory to corrupt the “truly incorruptible,” for the unstoppable force to smash the “immovable object” (in this analogy one assigns oneself the role of the force, ergo above Joker is assigned accordingly, being the speaker).

It oughtn’t to go unmentioned that, while claiming to be an agent of chaos and a dog chasing cars, Joker is manipulating Dent, convincing him to seek justice as it exists in such a cruel and painful and scarred world: “You know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.”

Joker blew Dent the eff up. Joker put him in the hospital bed. Joker has the hospital rigged to explode. Joker knows psych so well he knows just how to play his “ace in the hole.”

All this… Lot of planning. And despite the many, many paintings of such events, I am beginning to suspect that dogs are incapable even of playing poker.

And does an idiot doing an idiotic thing (dogs dumb, chasing two tons of force equals mass multiplied by acceleration dumb too) become the sole head of organized crime through a series of accidents that dispatch every single person controlling it when the film begins — the people whose “little group therapy session” Joker (probably drunk) bumbles into, introduces himself, and declares the accountant a sqealer — and one who Joker finds himself in lock-up with and decides, as long as he’s there, to get access to the hundreds of millions only this man can provide Joker with, and does Joker let him be or kill him because…

Jesus sarcasm can be exhausting. Point being it is statistically impossible for Joker to take control of Gotham by chasing Maroni down the block barking at him.

And then the rest of the movies every second also serves as blah blah everyone got it thanks good night and good luck especially if you don’t know whose words I just stole.


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