I can’t be first to call it. But it is I over!

If Trump, running on bigotry, condescension and condescension to bigots for not having the balls to be as outspokenly bigoted and racist in debates in which moderators fail to ask Republicans why they come from states that unfailingly, for three decades, take more money than they deliver from/to the federal government want to eliminate the institution they and not blue states cannot do without; are not asked why voters should believe their message which is built on the fundamental attribution error, you counterfactual and proud to be so, the way an anarchist is so because they think it’s cool and are to stupid to game it out and know it necessarily leads to dictatorial fascism or such shitbags they want the country to take the bloodiest rapiest way to dictatorial fascism think thinking being an anarchist is cool (most all simply don’t know what the fuck any of the above means, in keeping with the analogy and the truth).

It’s done son.

In the time between now and the election the media will try to make this thing seem like a contest etc.

Don’t be an idiot.


Official call in the year of the Lord 2015 0301 Sept 17.

Best election ever.

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