the internet was fun until metaphysics got involved

I found myself reading an incredibly inconsequential article online yesterday, couldn’t help but catch a comment on the banal at best commentary I’d just finished with (reading by seeing is a pain in the arse for me because of my pathological desire to see all wrongs righted…

Well, humans will murder each the other within 150 years tops, nothing to be done, human nature, tribalism equals nationalism equalism religious sectarianism etc etc. So one can do naught but abstain from procreation since especially in this country the next generation then the next the next the next will have everything worse in every way.

Which is to to write: I have accepted extinction and hope to be there for it. This week I put half my mind in meditation for half an hour and now am able to stop myself from sneezing by touching my thumb to my forefingers in a benediction commonly seen in portraits of Jesus. In the 1600s-paintings he’s giving the hand signal for “Christ,” (please know I am not good with numbers, including dates which etc).

Jesus was the original badass. The original communist, the one Jew who was RIGHT when he said Judaism was to be destroyed for its sins (as the previous prophets had it much much more than Jesus who simply said evryone that acts religious the way any American is religious is barred from the kingdom of heavedn. To maintain a job — more than 40 hours a week — is time you do not devote to your god. Time with family, stolen from the gods. And finally time at whatever you call whatever is not Mass, you’re the — literally — proverbial hypocrite. Jesus saw a man rushing from temple and asked if he was righteous, giving a day to YHWH. Jesus gave the simplest explanation of why he could not be: He was rich. To become rich requires a lot of thought and attention to getting money, and so the man — Jesus inferred — went to church as you do to advertise his piety which helps his business.

You’re supposed to be praying in a closet with your candle out. Not telling people what a book you cannot begin to fathom reads (better you hang a millstone about your neck and find deep water than lead one eager for god astray).

Perhaps America will be a millstone economy until that ipso facto becomes unsustainable.

So I was correcting factual errors from some people online who came at me with ad hominems. I replied thusly:

For all I know you’re all chatbots. Machines, and stupid ones barely passing the Turing Test. And you hope to stifle my argument with insults, when I think of you as robots? This is why I ended my last missive with “save the ad hominems, attack the argument not the man. He doesn’t care.”

And, just the same, how in the hell can you lot be worked up like this? I may be a superior chatbot, but prove I am not one.

This robot is right. You robots are wrong. That is all I wanted to make known.

Where AI is going in amazingly daft directions are all to do with the stupid assertion that intelligence is inseperable from emotion, when all history of everyone ever all the time proves it is — in fact it must be done for a clear thought to escape anyone’s skull.

This is what happens when a bot from MIT faces off against internet college…

PS to those following the metanarrative: being able to stop a sneeze means I have conscious control of an absolutely involuntary process.

…If I die it will be when I have such control I forget to make my heart beat.


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