come and keep your comrade warm

For the first time in … ever … Russia has made headlines for acting in what is ironically antithetical to its system of government.

Russia is acting, in this one matter, kinda like a communist state.

Which means its going after monopolistic business practices as if it were America ca 1920. (Just shy of half the entire labor force once was unionized. The precipitous decline in membership matches the decline in real wages, in full employment, etc. Coincidence! To this rather amateur sociologist, of course, the coincidence is political wool over America’s eyes — looking and studying and researching shows the causality — that one factor caused another with such immediacy and directness I doubt most people wondering when America began its decline would consider Labor at all.

Because who knows, who remembers, the benefits of socialism?

Until I read the below, I was certain Russia surely did not. …And am not much consoled that this one good act is weak tea. Served lukewarm.

Dasvidaniya, tovarishches

alienandroid: oscillating wildly

Russia orders Google to loosen its Android policies by November 18th via Engadget Android