here is no why


Mayor Charlie Hales, whom only I remember is a goddamned republican, has fenced in a playground, surrounding it in the fence that pent in those of us during Occupy.

This measure is a step to add legitimacy to police action making it at least de facto illegal for homeless persons to sleep in the park.

In all papers I’ve read, complaints alleged such persons were having sex.

The witness had not come forward. But the quotes backing her assertions up all derive from business owners facing Park Blocks.

No proof of anyone anything let alone whether entities had homes etc.

And the above cones on the heels of a campaign around Pioneer Plaza urging people to give to charity. Tent-boards stood where those begging alms haf been forcibly removed, which of course is illegal under Oregon state law.

What is a charity’s overhead? Roughly the percent of the dollar for the vet you’re so *concerned* will usebit for drugs.

Grown up people. Hales deserves backlash for his part in crimes of immorality, and ought be sent from town bound in a boat on the Willamette.

…If wrbwant to treat this in abmanner proportional to how Sam Adam’s tryst was made a boring childish and sad shit from a county full of adults who giggle when discussing sex.

The above is not the beginning, but it is proof the city is becoming more brazen, displacing persons who already have been displaced — which is the fucking problem.

Want social justice? Want peace within however long the following takes?

Bet every goddamn thing on economic justice.

Poverty creates all ills. Capitalism maintains high unemployment so each and every free citizen is free to windup homeless.

Just be happy you have a job and a home…

For the best of us, this isn’t happiness at all. And it is not enough.

More as events get eventful.

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