@merica: an orwellian brave new world

First, neural networks are inferior because they process from a false premise: brains smartest things, so make machine brain… Minus most all the billion trillions or a  number I’ve heard equated to the number of stars — making the universe so vast it’s impossible other life isn’t all over it, but sorry no the universe isn’t old enough to allow other life to travel to earth and that was your uncle probing you at night get help please.

Next, anything this machine writes will be infinitely superior to anything uttered in Fox News.

Third: Automata are brilliant when recursively honing algorithms through evolutionary selection.

How is that better than a brain? What idiot designs a construct and equips it to think with a system of learning that uses a thing we’ve learned near-nothing about?

By this logic we should use dark matter for food or fuel or various soylents. After all, we don’t have a basic comprehension of it.

Finally, expect machines to increasingly replace humans in all things. In a yearband , I’m certain the intrepid reporter in the piece below will be exemplary.

How can I be? The machine is reporting on the culmination of the endeavors of smarter and faster machines — 75 percent of trades are made by robots.

Which leaves the other 25 to insider trading and ruining America by those best at it: The nation’s wealthiest psychopaths.

Lastly, if you talk about China owning us and any day they could undermine our entire economy (which is universally conflated with stock markets, the province of finance, amorality, and in case of revolution maybe an ok spot to break glass in case of fire.

Our bullshit economy remains bullshit because the VP of Merril Lynch the fucker invented credit default swaps.

They were new and could and can and are the best way to invest to balance a portfolio lacking instruments comprised of amalgamated debt.

Yeah. And when the Street saturated the market they went stalking and using anything and everyone possible like a coke fiend up all night into morning spinning one thought round his whirligig — Is it cool to call the guy yet?

And so America kapow! suddenly stopped a trend as old as the nation: Home ownership. Well — reversed the fact that the majority of adults lives in homes but, when they were pulled out of them by police acting on behalf of criminals — making persons displaced and homeless etc in service of… Those directly responsible.

Please realise that because all crime is investigated after said crime, the prime mover of our bullshit justice system is the recovery and distribution of assets.

That is, fuck the police because persons with the shittiest job in the insurance racket ought not have guns.

Seems they use them to kill unarmed black kids with abhorrent regularity.

I’m conclusion good writers don’t use hook phrases as I have I’m this post because they impose a stifling linearity whose form assures any topic will be framed as This happened which made this happen which etc. People have a deep psychological need for causes and effects.

Ergo, God made the universe which contains all that is which God transcends and demoted into a self-evident impossibility. (Nothing can exist removed from the universe. There is no there there. And so it may be that if one traveled to one edge of the cosmos one would next be found on the boundary opposite where they had been.

And ok vast majority of Americans who obtusely maintain a wild and simple ignorance of global economics perpetuated by the resolve to avoid learning about macroeconomics, this is why China will  not whatever the fuck you think I’m sure you have scarcely a clue yourself:

If China liquidates a few million TBills the market would adjust. It would assume it a very bad omen and so devalue the instruments. Also, almost every nation is Heavily invested in TBills as well. Which would ruin billions of lives.

When people are poor and starving and homeless they seek a cause to the effect: China finds the world on a March to the great wall.

And China would be poorly defended, having sold millions of a thing which necessarily negates the value of many billions of the thing.

If you’re clever you should easily see that mad so e debt among many world powers is brilliant foreign policy and as such an unforeseen consequence still unseen.

When the sun never set on the British empire it was, as you would think, without a copper for 100 years.

But nations do not accrue and spend money as their sole means to agency.

Countries do not get allowances. Nor have wallets that empty. Not is their money worth a set amount at any possible time.

Money is treated as valuable because humanity agreed to do so. Even talking about selling out debt or our debt period is fiscally moronic for a nation, since ideas about the idea of currency alter this currency.

I’m short, no nation can ever fucking redeem our debt because in so doing a nation would plunge themselves into debt.

And stop thinking China is a threat. China belives it’s country and people to be better than all others (probably gotta give them that…). They have never ever sought expansion of their nation.

War? They don’t hate us  — we’re dumb and fat. They hate the Japanese, and it is returned with interest.

…Jesus. Wiki something.

And get your face outs yr ass and realiZe money means fuck all when you fucking print it. Etc etc.

Quod erat demonstrandum

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You’ll never believe what neural networks can do now http://www.engadget.com/2015/10/16/machine-learning-clickbait-headlines/ via Engadget Android