i’m afraid of americans

This is what the DOJ does with the *one* case a year that doesn’t relocate black men from homes to prisons.

And it would not be news if Snowden didn’t do what he did: Show all of us wuss-bags what an American is.

While the EU exonerates him, America still refuses to speak about him. Meaning we’re such sheep already that we self-censor our conversations.

Meaning Big Brother doesn’t have much work it needs to do.

Meaning Big Brother has *a shitload*  it can and will do because it is apparent that it can and will get away with it.

Because exposing hundreds of thousands of crimes the gov’t did and does commit against its citizens is unAmerican.

…Read the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson made the argument one based in law — breaches of the established rights of the colonies are listed. (The fact it’s a legal document is why no bitch-ass American-lite has read it, perhaps. …I can’t stop being worried about common people will do and how it will effect me… Probably 75% of citizens can’t bother to read the Declaration. The same percent thinks it can correctly interpret the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and has not read any other amendments, nor the  document it clarifies.

If the Second Amendment had been one thousand words or more, we’d likely have a nation in which republicans continue making schools little more than the favorite last stop for suicidal assholes who want to REALLY REALLY deserve to die when they finally point a gun where it should have been fired long before…

Dear America: You are too fucking unstable and/or drink and/or high and/or incompetent and/or etc ad inf. to buy fucking M-16s. (Sold as the AR-15.)

For every guy who will never shut the fuck up about shooting that black guy that tried to get in the house there are statistics revealing data showing simple, quantified truths of gun ownership (normal people are unable to properly ascertain the import of any given statistical facts, severely discounting them (facts. Reality.), and giving more weight to things like a person’s opinion if they seem like ok people.

None of you are ok. Guns shoot people. (So do people. Both are true.)

How? If a gun is in a house it multiplies the chance someone in it will kill him or herself. A house with a gun is far more likely to host an accidental shooting than one without. And on. Where there is a gun there is often, eventually, a fired gun. And because a sliver of a percent of persons are home during increasingly rare home invasions, and because in these instances the invader is more likely to manage to use the gun against the owner…

Fuck it. Hundreds die each year. Black kids are legally hunted in Florida. Valid for use in target practice for cops nationwide. I think about FOUR schools have been sites of at best only attempted mass murder-suicide.

Kids are the favored targets. And people in this country will accept that fact then explain why they must not be denied the same gun that is standard issue in the Army.

I was in DC when the snipers killed people. In fact, because the police our out all the bullshit info they concocted without evidence, I got gas at two of the places the snipers hunted at.

And so dear America the scared the stupid the cowardly the children of men who sold the world:

I’m not one of you. Fuck the fuck off.  The words you aren’t gonna google at the top of the page? “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.”

And South? You wouldn’t have noticed, but turns out you’d be much happier in Russia. (Think about it. For effing realsville.) They love hating people while also fearing them and know the big one is gonna happen any fucking day now man.

…Fuck. …Wasn’t there something about phones?

DOJ: Apple owns your iPhone’s software, so it should have a backdoor http://www.engadget.com/2015/10/23/apple-doj-iphone/ via Engadget Android