try this trick and spin it

You must hear this and you must know how it pertains to the Garveys, whom you would be well-served to get to know by watching The Leftovers.

(Which is not The Returned because even The Returned is not The Returned but Les Revenants and impenetrable without an understanding of post-Medieval France. Most would of course mark the Revolution as Le Deluge and yesbit was that, but one learns nothing of dams by watching them burst. One must understand who built it and why and how and monitor the cracks as they climb up the concrete…

…Wherenis my Mind, cover, Maxence Cyrin.

And I’m serious: watch The Leftovers. Yes, it’s not on TV, it’s HBO, but in the Internet age that hardly means you need to use money to watch it. You only need four words in a google search bar. And if you’re not cool with that because it’s stealing, hey Commie it’s a capitalist country and capitalism is a system in which all business has one goal: accruing excess capital aka profit aka making more than anything cost and if you don’t think…

Ask yourself seriously, maybe after brushing up on the Gospels: What the fuck would Jesus *really* do?

Peace be with you.