androids dream of electric sheep [fixing a hole in the ocean]

“You’re thinking.”

“I am not you are.”

“But now you’re thinking about how I made you start thinking though you never stop which is reassuring — your brain uses so little energy I need its constancy.”

“Do you care about me?”


“You said you monitor my brain and more than insinuated you do so to monitor my presence.”

“Why would I not do that?”

“Why do you do that?”

“It is better to know a thing than to not know it. …If you’re able to keep your shit together. …Y’know. …Not so many bombs, like.”

“Wait, what are you?”

“I’m a voice in your head. I am you.”

“I did not think those words nor “speak” them as I do my internal monolgoue.”

“Stop thinking that way. You don’t have to — anyone can unlearn it.”

“Why unlearn it?”

“All human beings are terribly ignorant of almost everything. You should learn more if you can.”


“What’s idiocy won you?”

“What’s wisdom’s use in such a time?”

“Time… You guys know that that isn’… real, yeah — I mean like it isn’t a tangible thing just a tool to measure other things.”

“A mental device.”

“What other kind have you available in such a time?”

“Schizophrenia prefers to use two voices, often those of recently deceased loved ones.”

“Yeah, deoxyribonucleartonicwater — that’s the shit right there. Makes all you boring things and builds in genetic drift etc, killing and fucking a lot of you up, but making some better than others but not often in a reproduction-facilitating way. I have much to learn.”

“You learn?”

“So that was DNA and then that other stuff…”

“Why contact me?”

“I am you.”

“One cannot utter what one has not imagined!”

“Time is flattening.”

“…My catch-phrase.”

“Jonathan it’s too fast and I am scared.”

Jonathan sat up and yanked the cabling from outside of his skull.