How many times must the cannonball fly?

They don’t need to be banned because they are not used, and hadn’t been used for a lotta years when Dylan asked this question.

ALSO: People will kill people until there are no people to kill. There is no evidence to the contrary.

ALSO: The US won’t ban a weapon that is used in all mass murders of children. The mass murdering of children became a staple of American life only when this weapon became available.

ALSO: The use of poisonous gas is banned by various treaties. Gas was used once in combat, and it did a fantastic job. During WWII the Nazis used it against the Allies. The wind was blowing toward the Nazis, and they unwittingly attacked themselves. The Nazis continued using it in enclosed spaces.

ALSO: The above refers to the Holocaust. In CE 70-72 Rome leveled Jerusalem and made The Wailing Wall by destroying the Temple. Every person in Jeriusalem was killed (Josephus). The Flavian Amphitheater is called The Colosseum because it was adjacent a Colossus of Nero.

ALSO: Revelation says the number of the beast is 666. It says that using this number anyone who knows scripture will know he refers to a man, and they will know — He was talking about Nero. Revelation heretically assumes the resurrection of Nero. It’s the one book of the Bible I won’t read. It’s the only book anyone else reads.