Dear manic street preachers

You’ve only read Revelation if you’ve read the Bible at all. Whatever you have read, you’ve not understood. One verse is all you need know to make you shut up.

Revelation 13:18:

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count [reckon, decide are variants] the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.

IT IS THE NUMBER OF A MAN. Count the number, which is 666. And now we apply our understanding. in Hebrew, numbers are letters, letters numbers. (Jesus is 888)At the time of its writing Hebrew was a Caananite dialect (Jews were Caananites who decided El, of the 12 gods worshipped, was the real God. Jews exterminated the Caananites by becoming Jews. Ancient Egypt did not use slaves and the people living in Ancient Egypt had more enjoyable, if shorter, lives. More rights, a middle class that built the pyramids…)

Sorry. Here’s why, assembly required.

666=Nero Ceasar. Because Nron Qsr is Nero Ceasar transliterated from Greek of the period into Hebrew of that period.

The Nero Redivivus legend. People were still keeping a place at the table just in case he came ca 500 AD. There were at least three Ressurected Neros — their supporters\followers\here because I heard the guys in this cult are total whores\etc believed each man to be Nero dead and returned. And the Zombie Neros were hamfisted about it, attracting attention by playing the lyre and singing — he was universally known, even where he was not reviled, for playing the lyre as Rome burned — and hosting 1,000 denarii-per-plate Christian-lit dinners. [Wow. This stays until the bar is set lower. But that is how bad it can be. …A do-it-yourself argument seems brilliant coming from a guy who wrote that, huh? …Or does the stupid just stack?)

The mark of the beast is the Seal of Rome. Because “charagma.”

Finally: This is slapdash because Revalation isn’t worth much time. It’s the only book I don’t reread.

Also: Jesus was crucified for heresy because if he was crucified, then he must have been convicted of heresy. Jesus was crucified if and only if he was found guilty of heresy.

Pontius Pilate hated Jews. The Romans flattened Jerusalem and the Second Temple (the Ark is not lost, it was destroyed ca 70-72. Word to God. So the Roman state hated Jews. But Pilate was recalled to Rome for being too cruel to Jews. Rome tried to kill every single Jew — Google Masada — with that much … Two years on earthworks to kill 1,000. And Pilate was deemed by this culture to be too harsh.

Heresy? It’s on the coins: Filius Divinus. Caesar was the son of God. “I am that you say I am.” Guilty, do not spare the flail (reason Jesus died relatively quickly. Exsanguination.

He told the Pharisees they were so dumb they violated the law by following their dumb interpretation. They had it really in for him, and sought to snare him in any offense wherever he went. When Jesus visited the Temple and went off on the monet changers, they had what they needed.

Jesus didn’t die for your sins: We labor by the sweat of our brow, women labor in pain.” Nothing has been forgiven. Not that way.

Until Paulism went rampant, which isn’t anything to do with Christ like Saul of Tarsus himself, Jesus was understood to be the model of the perfect way to live and be.

A capitalist nation is an anti-Christian nation.

There is a light that never goes out.

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