On Thursday night the man walking in front of me halted when a car turned the corner and stopped in his way. The driver got out, yelling What the fuck did you say? He continued yelling as he got in the pedestrian’s face, so closely they could have kissed. The SUV’s passenger got out and started toward me because I was obviously intent on using my skateboard on the driver. The passenger stopped when I turned my attention to him, but held me in place with his gaze. I couldn’t help the pedestrian without being harmed and being harmed wouldn’t help the pedestrian. So the man was punched in the face twice. The second knocked the pedestrian down, but as he fell the driver grabbed his head by the hair and slammed it into his taillight, cracking it.

I finally looked away, at the deserted streets, and yelled Officer! Then, to the passenger, Here come police!

The passenger pulled his friend off the pedestrian, who was on the ground and bleeding from the head the driver continued punching.

Let’s get the fuck out of here!

They did.

I checked the man for concussion. Then I left.