New Portland ordinance aims to speed approval for businesses’ security measures

Andrew Hoan says the city does have money put aside through “Prosper Portland’ to help businesses pay for repairs and improvements caused by the protests and vandalism, and may be able to use some of that money for the new safety and security ordinance.

I live downtown. And that hysterical woman with every weapon it’s legal to carry except a gun is now the one and only person I’ll be wary of

No graffiti, one broken window one day last week. And that is THE ONLY THING TO HAPPEN IN SIX MONTHS.

The graffiti is really old. Windows have been boards everywhere since last summer.

Oh, but I’ve seen cops assault two people. And, an addendum to the above, Cops are the people I watch out for.

Why is Hysterical Woman (I’m using the idea to be offensive to her, as it’s demeaning if one gets the reference. And suggests a remedy she could use anyway.) hysterical?

Because we have homeless people. Who never, not one in a decade, bothered me.

CHILDREN OF GOD: Political party. Runs Biblical scholars for office, wins by knowing and having morals, promises to make tax records public and to receive compensation only for their govt role.


If the minimum wage was adjusted for this year, it would be about $22. Therefore, it must be $50.

End government for profit, because … Wait for the depression…