It is abomination

Chrisitians are bound by the 7 Noahide Laws and 10 Commandments given by YHWH at Mt Sinai. Anti-Christians who self-identify as Christians (they consider themselves to be, but aren’t… In truth almost the entire laity understands so little of Church history, history, a few languages, dogma, the Bible and all that entails [everything]¬†as to be, … More It is abomination

The Fear of God

The “afraid”  or “scared” most people imagine is a grain of sand, The Fear [and loathing] is an ocean. I don’t know how this concept possibly ever has been misunderstood. Nevermind perverted. …OK fine I researched it and conclude it is unfortunate that stupid people are too dumb to get smart. (A fact. For one, … More The Fear of God