Common sense

Is based in heuristics, and why it’s always wrong. Also, if emotional intelligence was a thing it would be called intelligence. Emotional intelligence relies on common sense. Advertisements

Which came first?

The egg. Laid by a not-chicken. One could get into the epigenetics of it all, but it would cast aspersions without citing facts, which is what idiots do when arguing, which is what idiots do instead of debating, which idiots believe to be synonymous with the former, which idiots… It’s idiots all the way down!

What are the chances?

Is a terrible jumble of words. Here’s how likely these things were to have happened: The Universe: 100%. Humankind: 100%. Anything that happened: 100%. To belabor the point, in part to use that expression, which I learned in sixth grade but hadn’t employed since the spelling test, in larger part to construct a tripartite sentence … More What are the chances?