The Implications of NRA Apologetics

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Ergo, Americans are inexplicably, uniquely, murderous. Americans commit more crimes of all kinds than any other Western country and most of the others, considered less advanced. Americans are more evil (because it does more evil) than Europe. America makes monsters, machines make guns. Advertisements

These are the words

These are the words of a man who heard the voice of God; and the voice of God was his internal monologue. I prayed to God for understanding. I told the Lord : “Thy will be done.” And the Spirit descended like a dove on fire. Like fire in flight. There is a bird, on … More These are the words


Cogito ergo sum. In college I wrote a paper that pointed out that Descartes’ contribution to philosophy began and ended with this statement. I have believed, since considering the matter, that one’s thoughts are the only thing one experiences directly. All else is sense information, which can’t be trusted. That we experience everything but our … More Revelation